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November 16th- December 10th, 2022



Directed by Kotryna Gesait

Stage Managed by: Jude Brandt

Four stories intertwine to explore different phases of queer love. Follow as we delve into the caverns of innocence, desire, and human connection both lost & found.

November 11th-20th, 2022

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Barrio Independent Productions presents...

Frenzy Fest 2022

Whiskey River

Writer/Director: JC Augustin

Asst. Director/SM: Jude Brandt

Starring: Jay W. Walker, Marie Pohl, and T. Scott Lilly


Now Playing...

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Showdogs presents...


Starring Gamal ElSawah, Sajda Waite and Conrado Falco


with Guest Director Jude Brandt

Watch Season 2 Now:

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