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The Night No One Died

By Shawn Overton

Photos by Renée Morello

Produced by
Directed by Gylanni Carrignton

Stage Manager

Alyssa Rios

Set Designer

Sarah Shea

Sound Designer

Alyssa Rios

Fight Choreographer

David Huynh

Asst. Stage Manager

Nikki Maher

Lighting Designer

Alyssa Rios

Costume Designer

Gylanni Carrington

Props Master

Sarah Shea


Annika Prager as Brevitty Witt

Maria Jimenez as Priscilla

Paul Zurheide as Kissinger Wells 

Penelope Deen as Ursula Towers

Sarah Gadigan-­Padgett as Simon Greaves

Tyler Ortiz as Benjamin Loves

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