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@Romeo & @Juliet #Missed Connections

By William Shakespeare
Adapted by Ali Landvatter and Patrick Berger

Photos by Theresa Vu

Produced by

The Hunter Theatre Company

Directed by ALi Landvatter

Commedia Teaching Artist: Patrick Berger

Production Stage Managers Isabel Fox & Jenna Tipaldo

Costume Designers

Capri Figueroa & Joyce Lim

Light Designer

Megan Vazquetelles

Makeup Designer

Jestine Marshall

House Manager

Omaima Pervez

Prop Designer

Theresa Vu

Production Manager

Stephanie Rey

Faculty Advisor

Brad Krumholz

Technical Director Michael “PJ” Collins

Run Crew

Taryn Mack


Anna Ambrus as Toronto (@Paris)

Annika Prager as Benny (@Benvolio) 

Benjamin Liu as Jack (@Friar) 

Daniela Barskaya as Marquee (@Mercutio)

Defne Dilsiz as Gil (@Montagueparent)

Denise Dilone as Timothee (@Tybalt) 

Doria Wohler as Dorio (@Romeo)

Kevin Loyola as Jewels (@Juliet)

Patsy Detriot as Matilda (@Nurse)

Zsofia Kozma as Rozsika (@Capuletparent) 

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