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Photos by Jack Jewell

 & Daphne Adamson

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Written by Richard O'Brien and Jim Sharman

Directed by Skylar Back

Asst. Director

Alexander Rice

Stage Manager

Katherine Sciortino

Lighting Design

Georgina Woo

Costume Design

Allison Cachay Narva

Props Designer

Daphne Adamson

Intimacy Director

Jude Brandt

Hair and Make Up

Sarah Nowik

Associate Hair and Make Up

Zoe Lindeman

Lighting Assistants

Billye Albro
Jack Jewell
Jessica Fowler

Zoe Lindeman as Janet

Gi van Rouendal as Brad

Edlynn Emile as Frank 'N' Furter

Katrina Carlyle as Riff Raff

Maeve Harkin as Magenta

Gwen Aitchison as Columbia

Kai Barbee as Rocky

Kayla DeCamps as Eddie & Transylvanian

Sam Alexander as Dr. Everett Scott & Transylvanian

Jacob Shapiro as The Criminologist

Madeleine Lanberg as Transylvanian

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