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The Interrobangers:

Mystery of the Foggy Bluffs Monster


by Sloth Levine

Produced by TransTheatreFest

Directed by Jude Brandt

Stage Manager

Sarah Shea 


Asst. Stage Manager

Sarah Jones 


Video Editor/Graphics Designer

Claudia Zajic 


Sound Designer

Aidan Sartori


Costume Designer

Gylanni Carrington

Ariane Terrell as Dani Bundy

Ben Nissan as Hank  Mason

Daphne Adamson as Bettie Roswell/Tess Mason

Joshua Martinez as Officer Craig/Guy at the Jackalope/Scientist

Kit Newell as Zodiac DuMaurier

Nathan Patterson as Nathan Hobart/Mr. Dahl

Raísa Lucerna as Luna Jaffe

Sahar Babi as Young Zodiac/Woman in White/Scientist

Yanniv Frank as Hoover

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